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Culture Kids International School was founded with the desire to enhance the creativity and imagination of children to positively impact young minds while enriching their cultural experience, inspiring their educational journey and helping to nurture their social, emotional and cognitive growth.

In our creative learning environment, children have a natural desire to learn, and do so in a positive and enjoyable way. Taking inspiration from different aspects of teachings, including Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio strategies, we provide stimulating and challenging classes that encourage both discovery and development through the process of experimentation and decision-making.

Every student is treated with respect, is observed and nurtured, and offered constant encouragement. It is in this unique environment that we endeavour to make your child's educational experience not only academically rich, but one that leads to continued success as they graduate in an international or Japanese atmosphere.


Culture Kids is based on the theory that every child is unique; every child is special. This approach has helped to create a world-class, creative learning experience that enables all students, from all different types of backgrounds and upbringings, to be nurtured into becoming capable individuals, supported by the best education and unhindered by outside distractions. We want the the children to know that in our school the teachers care for each and every student, and we want the parents to understand that we aim to work closely with them in helping to maximize their child's academic and personal development.

A curriculum defines a school. Instead of simply adopting a single curriculum style, pioneering schools such as Culture Kids mix and match curricula to meet the learning needs of different children. Academic needs may be a major factor, but a more holistic learning approach (which incorporates personal, community and international learning) is now considered just as crucial to help prepare children, wherever they may live, for the challenges they will face as adults. 

Culture Kids uses different teaching styles that help to guide, combine and direct learning and lessons. Borrowing ethoses from such proven teaching approaches as Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia, we engage students using physical, mental and creative challenges that help them learn and grow in a positive manner.

We believe that a student’s potential lies within their character, so we aim to develop students both spiritually and morally. Enabling students to be equipped not only with knowledge and skills but also a cultural and ethical sense to acquire values on which to base choices and form attitudes.


The school's teaching philosophy aims to develop students who are independent with a strong knowledge base and capable of responding to the varying demands of task, purpose and discipline.

Our academic curriculum is based upon the foundations of the National British Curriculum (in particular the reading, writing and comprehension side) with our cultural offerings taken from numerous curriculums and cultural sources from around the world. 


Every month at Culture Kids, we select a different country alongside a different theme as a basis from which to learn. This allows us the creative freedom to incorporate a wide range of different concepts and lessons (both academic and/or creative based). 

For example, an artist rarely sits down and asks, “What should I create today?” Instead, they will be motivated to create after a moment of inspiration. 


At Culture Kids, we strive to provide continuous opportunities to inspire and this is how our creative curriculum, with its different strategies, well-thought-out challenging concepts and meaningful targets, will allow the students to really benefit from each of the culturally different themes.


Want to paint in our studio? Bounce around in our indoor gym area? Make soba in the spring time in our one-of-a-kind soba waterfall? Get to grips with our indoor climbing wall? Become a chef in our kid-friendly kitchen area? Take a moment for yourself in our indoor treehouse? Play in the fresh air in our front yard sensory area? Relax and read in our welcoming library? Challenge yourself in one of our academic areas?


We are ready to welcome you to the premiere creative learning environment in Tokyo!​


Culture Kids is spread over 350 square metres of pure learning experience. Throughout the school we share our creative spaces with the academic studies being performed in our classrooms upstairs.​​​​​


Originally from England, I have been living in Tokyo for just over 14 years. After finishing my formal education in the UK I travelled the world to broaden my horizons and to learn about different cultures and people. 


I was eager to start my career as a teacher in Tokyo after hearing positive feedback about its leading international preschools. As my career in Tokyo blossomed I started to build a strong reputation as a teacher who focuses on creating unique ways in which to communicate with young minds. 

Throughout my career I have assisted in sending countless students onwards to prestigious international and native schooling systems, both in Tokyo and around the world, with outstanding results. I have a nearly 100% success rate in placing students in their preferred schooling option, regardless of background, ethnicity or culture.​

Alongside our rigorous and structured academic studies, the main focus for Culture Kids is to be a school where creativity, culture and inspiration is a fundamental  learning journey of each class.


We hope that you can join us on their artistic journey, and become part of our diverse cultural community.

Kevin Mullin