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Extended Hours

For regular school students we host a daily Sunrise Club and, once school lessons finish, a Sundown Club. A perfect solution for working parents or students who require extra hours, and we are more than happy to accommodate your wishes.

Sunrise Club

We open our doors from 08:00am daily, and the students are free to engage in structured learning activities, get active in our gym area, use sensory activities to stimulate their senses or simply enjoy a homemade breakfast (not provided). 

Sunset Club

Once the fun of the day is over, your child is welcome to join our after-school programme, then spend time in our Sundown Club with more independently driven activities. Enjoy structured free play, art, language based activities or simply use this opportunity to complete any homework from external schools. 

Working Parents Club

Have a career that you don't want to interrupt? No problem! Take advantage of our flexible approach: You are welcome to drop off your child any time from 8am and fetch them again any time up until 7pm daily (Monday - Friday).

Sunrise/Sunset: Pricing

AM (per 15 mins)


PM (per 15 mins)


PM (per 15 mins after 6PM)


Price works on the following AM time:

8:00AM Start Until:

•The Supremes/8:45AM

•The Beatles/8:45AM

•The Talking Heads/8:45AM

•The Rolling Stones/8:45AM

Price works on the following PM time:

5:00pM Start Until:

•The Supremes/7:00PM

•The Beatles/7:00PM

•The Talking Heads/7:00PM

•The Rolling Stones/7:00PM

Working Parents Club: Pricing

Term 1

  • Inc 1 Week: Autumn School Sunrise/Sunset Care

  • Inc 2 Weeks: Winter School Sunrise/Sunset Care


Term 2

  • Inc 1 Week: Spring School Sunrise/Sunset Care

Term 3

  • Inc 8 Weeks: Summer School Sunrise/Sunset Care


Yearly Fee:

  • Inc 1 Week: Autumn School Sunrise/Sunset Care

  • Inc 2 Weeks: Winter School Sunrise/Sunset Care

  • Inc 8 Weeks: Summer School Sunrise/Sunset Care

  • Inc 1 Week: Spring School Sunrise/Sunset Care


School Lunches

A healthy lunch box full of fresh food gives your child the energy to concentrate, learn and play all day.

Due to popular demand, we have teamed up with a local organic restaurant in Kaminoge who will provide an organic, healthy option for students to enjoy each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Together we have devised a menu that provides a nutritious, balanced, healthy lunch (including selected fruits and vegetables) that gives each student a big slice towards their daily requirement of protein and vitamins whilst being low in saturated fat and trans fat. 


There will be a daily cost per lunch,  plus a one-off lunch box fee. The students will be responsible for washing and drying their lunch box every day, ready to be returned to the restaurant.


Please ask for a School Lunch form if you would like to take advantage of this option.


Our reliable, safe, convenient and fun transport service allows you all the freedom you need during your day, while we take care of transporting your child to and from Culture Kids.

Our service includes:

  • Our reliable driver accompanied by an assistant to engage with the students during their ride.

  • All students will ride in our GPS tracking vehicle, complete with first aid kits, on-board entertainment system and climate control.

  • Pick up each weekday morning from various locations around Setagaya-ku (and other residential areas in close proximity). 

  • Pick up from various schools to provide a safe passage for our after-school programmes.

  • A drop-off service to take students back to their residential neighbourhoods.


Price per ride from Seisen or St Mary's - ¥900 (¥600 for siblings)