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Our Creative Phonics class incorporates elements of art and crafts along with academia to create a multi-sensory learning experience. This class is aimed at children aged 3+. Your child will learn through a range of fun and multi-sensory activities to help them remember the sounds and combine them to make age-appropriate words.

Your child will: 

  • learn the 42 letter sounds

  • develop handwriting and letter-formation skills

  • learn how to combine letter sounds to make words

  • learn how to identify letter sounds in words and segment them to spell

  • learn tricky words – words that cannot be decoded using phonics

  • Learn to blend and segment longer words with alternative spellings of letter sounds 

  • prepare for writing phrases and sentences creatively.

After completing our series of Creative Phonics classes, your child will acquire the skills needed to read and spell using letter sounds. 

Ages 3+