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With our culturally rich, creative learning and art-based curriculum, we provide a unique learning environment to stimulate each child's growth. Alongside our structured and challenging curriculum, based exclusively on the British Curriculum, our energetic and dedicated staff provide challenges and creative freedom to all students.

Our school life starts at 1.6 years old, and graduating students leave aged 6 to enter grade one. We present children with the tools to enhance their spiritual, emotional, social, creative, physical and cognitive growth.


Developing each child's sensory skills, language and communication, with their creative and artistic growth, they move up through the school progressing from phonics, pronunciation and blending techniques, numbers and counting skills, shape recognition, pattern and sequencing skills into the higher level of our progressive reading scheme, honing their writing, grammar and punctuation skills of Key Stage 1, enjoying a high level of mathematical and critical thinking skills and scientific discovery. All of these academic milestones and more are gained alongside artistic exploration and cultural studies, and this is a recipe for fun and success!

Below is a typical daily routine for our students: alongside our bursting academic curriculum we share daily park/nature time, music and movement, arts and crafts, fitness and lots of socialising and free play with their friends. 

THE SUPREMES 18 Months - 3 Yrs

Through music, arts and crafts, and sensory activities we provide a stimulating environment in which our youngest students rapidly acquire a foundation of fine motor and gross motor skills in the early stages of their English language journey.

We welcome students into the The Supremes group at 1.8 years old, and they stay in this peer group until they reach 3 years of age. We understand the initial transition can be emotional, which is why our gentle, loving team helps to make the change as easy as possible. 

The Supremes begin to explore their independence and the beginnings of emotional, social and personal development. Promoting verbal communication constantly, we gently introduce early literacy and numeracy skills in a creative, fun way.

We run two programmes for The Supremes: a half-day programme where they go home just before lunchtime, or a full-day programme which includes lunch, free play and socialising time, then nap time.

THE BEATLES 3 - 4 Yrs.

Our 3 to 4-year-old class is the perfect time to amplify your child’s capacity to learn and develop. At this stage, our language, literacy and communication curriculum kicks in, with numeracy, cognitive, personal, social and all stages in earlier years joining to create a self-sufficient and creative programme.

In our Beatles programme, your child’s growing independence will be fostered and their self-awareness and self-esteem nurtured. They will be provided with developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that will challenge and excite them. A full breakdown of the curriculum will be explained in person (explaining how you can help at home). 


Now we are moving on up! Our Talking Heads class provides an inclusive, educational programme that will challenge, enrich and extend your child's learning and not only prepare them for school but for life-long learning.

The Talking Heads students will be engaged in meaningful experiences through an interactive learning environment that promotes a love of learning. The curricular areas include development in language arts, maths, fine motor skills, large motor skills and work habits. Each area will be addressed through daily learning experiences which integrate science, social studies, art, music and health activities.

The Talking Heads class will move on from initial phonics sounds, to the first steps into their reading foundation years. Using the Oxford Reading Tree we focus on application and transfer to real reading writing, rather than isolated skill work. 

Weekly homework will begin from within the first few weeks of autumn term and will continue throughout the year. A wonderful way for you to complement your child's educational journey!


The top of Culture Kids International School! As we start Key Stage 1, the academic curriculum nurtures through experience, critical thinking challenges and a blend of learning and fun designed to help children not only develop into strong academic and language-based learners, but to concentrate on a progression skill set. The focus is on independent thinking, personal, social and health education as well as helping them to become globally savvy learners through cultural investigations. 

Our Rolling Stones curriculum themes centre around physical and emotional well-being and consideration and response, alongside a high standard and progression of literacy, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling accompanied by maths and numeracy skills. These elements are considered vitally important and are developed at all times.

Our dedicated team gives absorbing, creative and innovative lessons that encourage responsibility and independence, as well as the formation of strong friendships amongst peer groups.

Want to know more? Come in for a school tour and see our creative learning experience first-hand.